Thursday, September 22, 2011


Anyone that knows me can tell you that I love all things dairy. Yogurt and milk have always been part of my breakfast routine, but since the start of the school and practices, I have been more adamant than ever about eating  my yogurt as soon as I can in the mornings.

After yesterday's total mileage of 15 miles: 11 in the morning for our long run and 4 in the evening as one of our extra runs. My legs and body were more heavy and achey than usual after the morning long run , and I was already not looking forward to going a whole day and evening run full of tired muscles.

So when I got back I quickly, I ate my Voskos greek yogurt, along with the rest of my breakfast, and actually had a fully energized day! My legs and body didn't ache and I felt lighter on my feet than morning run.

Now for some nutrition info:
Greek yogurt varieties have 2x the amount of protein as regular yogurt, less sugar, and has a thicker consistency than its counterpart. The extra grams of protein that my greek yogurt has was just what I needed to help my muscles regenerate themselves after an 11 mile long run.

This is what Voskos yogurt looks like for those of you interested:

I will definitely eat again and put it in the freezer like frozen yogurt, or even use it as a spread for toast and jam or pancakes in the morning. Another reason I really like this yogurt was because it had ACTUAL vanilla bean specks in it!

Other ways I like to eat my yogurt:
-paired with cereal (to get out of boring milk & cereal ruts)
-over toast/pancakes with jam
-mixed with berries (or other fruit)
-sprinkle granola over it
-in a smoothie
-as a substitue for sour cream on baked potatoes or tacos
-as a substitue for mayonaise or cream in recipes
-or mix 1/2 a small container with oatmeal

Other varieties of greek yogurt that are on rotation in my fridge include: Oikos, Greek Yoplait, Fage (pronounced fah-yeh), Eros, and now Voskos.

The only downside I would say to greek yogurt, is its cost, but for me the nutritional benefits definitely outweight the money I spend. I usually check their manufacturer website for coupons which really do help at the grocery store,  which hopefully will help keep some more  money in your pockets!

So next time you are about to skip the dairy aisle at your supermarket, remember to do as Greeks do: eat Greek yogurt. Yum!

Until  next time,
Starla Garcia

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