Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Simple Taco Salad

Hey guys, I found this recipe online and tried it out last week. It was a very quick and easy dinner to throw together and it was very tasty.

1 lb ground turkey with taco seasoning
1 cup black beans
6 T salsa
6 cups spinach
1 cup chopped yellow bell peppers
1 cup chopped tomatoes
6 T guacamole

Cook the turkey meat until it is well grounded up and cooked through.
Add the yellow bell peppers and cook until they are crisp tender.
Rinse the black beans, then add them to the meat and peppers along with the tomatoes.
Cook for about 4 minutes until all the contents in the pan are hot.
Remove from pan and add the spinach.
Split the contents between four plates and add 2 T salsa and 2 T guacamole to each plate.

And Enjoy!! =)

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