Thursday, March 1, 2012

Comparing Energy Drinks to Sports Drinks

Gloria Tsang, a dietitian writing for gives some interesting points about the differences between energy drinks and sport drinks. Here are some of the points she made. Maybe this will make you think twice about drinking that energy drink and stick to the sports drinks instead.

  • Sports drinks contain fewer calories - Energy drinks are loaded with calories that come mainly from sugar. There is approximately 60 grams of sugar in energy drinks compared to only 30 grams of sugar in a sports drink like gatorade.

  • Sports drinks contain combo-sugar - Due to this combination of sugars, there is an icrease in uptake and absorption making sports drinks perfect for a way to quickly refuel in the middle of a workout or practice.

  • There is no caffiene in sports drinks - Too much caffiene can have a negative effect on anybody. Energy drinks are absolutely loaded with caffiene containing approximately 500mg of caffiene.

  • Sports drinks contain sodium - If you are in a workout or practice that causes you to sweat a lot, then replenishing your electorlytes that you may lose through sweating is very important, sodium being one of those major electrolytes.

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