Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tasti d lite - A healthier dessert option

Hey guys,
So I have always been a sucker for any type of ice cream or frozen yogurt. It is definitely my weakness when it comes to nutrition. A friend of mine a while back introduced me to a frozen dessert place called tasti d lite. When I went there I saw that this place was all about nutritional content and making a frozen treat that was not so bad for you. That place has now become one of my favorite places to go. Tasti d lite is not ice cream, and it is not frozen yogurt. Instead tasti d lite is a frozen treat made without the butter fat that is used to make ice cream and it has half the carbs and sugar compared to ice creams and frozen yogurts. There are over 100 different flavors at this place and they all range from 70-100 calories for an 8 oz serving, not too bad for a dessert right? My teammates that are reading this are probably cracking up right now because I am that places biggest fan, I talk about it all the time. If anyone wants to try it out sometime it is located off of 610 and westheimer in the same parking lot as RA sushi. Hope ya'll can try it and that ya'll like it!

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